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Skymen Ultrasonic Sales Team Development Training

On May 27th, Skymen Ultrasonic organized a sales team development training with the objective of enhancing the sales staff's teamwork abilities. The training featured the participation of professional development trainers who covered topics such as teamwork, communication, collaboration, leadership, and others.

During the training, the development trainers provided an all-inclusive program for the sales staff that included theoretical explanations, game activities, and practical drills. For instance, in the context of teamwork, the development trainers shared techniques on how to effectively build a team, how to communicate and collaborate efficiently, and how to resolve conflicts amicably. In terms of communication and collaboration, the trainers introduced methods such as active listening, clear expression, and effective cooperation. In terms of leadership, the trainers explained how to lead effectively, motivate the team, and handle challenges.

The Graduation Wall game was the centerpiece of the training. In this game, sales staff had to build ladders within a specified timeframe to successfully send all team members to the top of the wall. This game required team members to trust and support each other to accomplish the task while overcoming obstacles.

SkymenGroup sales team development training graduation wall game

Participating in outdoor expansion activities can have a positive impact on the development and performance improvement of a company's sales team. It helps build closer connections, trust, and team cohesion and enhances teamwork and communication among team members. These activities also help sales team members improve their sales skills and stimulate their personal potential, which leads to a deeper understanding of their abilities and potential.

The challenges presented in these activities encourage everyone to constantly push themselves, which will have a positive impact on future sales efforts. It also promotes teamwork, customer satisfaction, and sales performance. Through these events, companies can convey their care and support for team development and employee growth, thereby stimulating team members’ enthusiasm and work motivation.

Skymen Group photo at the group headquarters

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