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In daily life, many small daily objects are easy to hide tiny bacteria, which not only affects the appearance, but also is unhygienic. Regular cleaning is required to keep these small objects in good condition, but the effect of cleaning by hand is generally not very good well, this highlights the function of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. The use of ultrasonic cleaning can not only achieve a thorough cleaning effect but also better protect fine small objects. Ultrasonic cleaners are very useful, not only for cleaning glasses, but also for cleaning daily necessities, such as watches, fruits, seals, feeding bottles, pacifiers, coffee cups, teapots, water glasses, wine glasses, glasses, electronic products, dentures, printer ink Heads, razor heads, pen tips, toothbrushes, coins, badges and other items, and can also be disinfected and sterilized.
The jewelry industry includes all kinds of jewelry, jade, gold and silver devices, etc. The processing of these valuables will produce pollution, and the workpiece needs to be cleaned before it becomes a finished product. Due to the complicated workmanship of gold and silverware, jewelry, etc., many small gaps and corners are difficult to clean manually, so ultrasonic cleaning machines are needed to clean them. Such valuables require careful maintenance in daily life, which requires frequent cleaning and cleaning of these valuables. Because the gloss will decrease after wearing for a long time, it cannot be recovered by manual cleaning, but the ultrasonic cleaning machine can not only remove stubborn stains and dirt in the gaps that are difficult to clean by hand, but also make the surface of the object brighter.
Today, with the widespread use of electronic devices, there are more and more myopia. Whether you wear glasses or contact lenses, dust will stick to them over time. Hand washing is not only difficult to clean the dust in the corners, but also has serious water stains, making it even less clear after washing. Ultrasonic cleaners can achieve good cleaning results, and their application rate in the glasses industry is increasing year by year. The indispensable small ultrasonic cleaning machine can make the object to be cleaned produce low-frequency resonance with soft ultrasonic frequency, which not only helps to clean the dust and bacteria on the surface of the eyeglass lens, but also does not cause problems such as wear on the surface of the eyeglass lens.​​​​​​​
The application of ultrasonic cleaning machines in tooth cleaning, denture cleaning, cleaning molds, etc., is used by everyone in life. Bacteria on the surface or crevices of dentures and their continuous reproduction will bring many diseases to people's health, such as: bad breath, oral ulcers, stomatitis, and even heart disease! Therefore, for our health, we should clean dentures carefully, but manual cleaning of dentures is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also difficult to clean. Cleaning dentures with an ultrasonic cleaning machine not only has high cleanliness, fast cleaning speed, but also good cleaning effect. During the cleaning process, it will not cause scratches on the surface of the dentures and reduce the reproduction of bacteria, especially in deep holes, crevices and hidden places. It can be cleaned and sterilized at the same time.​​​​​​​
The application rate of ultrasonic cleaners in the laboratory industry is also very high. Fast, quiet, and thorough laboratory instrument cleaning, ideal for the rigorous cleaning requirements of all types of labware (glass, plastic or metal). Also ideal for sample preparation and solvent degassing. Ultrasonic cleaners help to completely remove proteins on medical laboratory glassware, test tubes, pipettes and other containers, so as to prevent residual proteins from affecting the test results of other tests. In addition, ultrasonic cleaners can also help medical staff sterilize medical devices. Such as catheters, syringes and surgical instruments.​​​​​​​
3D Printing
Because 3D printers have printing capabilities beyond imagination, many products that are quite complex in the actual production process can be printed at one time, and when printing, the printer will automatically fill the gap between the active parts of the printing mold with a powdery object. After the printing is completed and each material is printed in place, do you feel that the task of the powder filler has been completed at this time, so find a way to take it out from the tiny gap without damaging the model. The ultrasonic cleaning machine can effectively remove the surface of the model and the gap filler without damaging the 3D printing model.
Car Part
There are various types of hardware workpieces, and there are various structures. The main cleaning work is five aspects: wax removal, dust removal, rust removal, oil removal and debris removal. Most of the oil stains and dust on the surface of hardware workpieces can be manually removed, but for those hardware workpieces with holes and gaps, manual cleaning is time-consuming, laborious and not clean. Using an ultrasonic cleaning machine can quickly and cleanly solve the cleaning problem of hardware. It is safe and reliable, saves labor costs, has good cleaning effect, consistent cleanliness of the workpiece, does not cause damage to the surface of the workpiece, and greatly reduces the discharge of pollutants such as acid and alkali. protect environment.​​​​​​​
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