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Best Steps to Cleaning Jewelry with Ultrasonic Cleaner - Save Your Money and Time!

This article will show you the best steps for cleaning jewelry with ultrasonic cleaner. Today, make your jewelry sparkling like new!

Andy Samuel  |   2023-05-26   |   Industry News

Is your jewelry clean? If they aren’t sparkling, they are dirty. With time, the appearance of the jewelry paid big bucks for initially can become dull. When you notice this, it means you need to clean them. Fortunately, cleaning jewelry with ultrasonic cleaner can keep them sparkling like new! What you have to know is that ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are not expensive and they are vital for keeping your jewelry looking fabulous.

Learning how to clean jewelry properly is not difficult, especially if you have an ultrasonic cleaner. This article will show you the best step-by-step way for cleaning jewelry with an ultrasonic cleaner. Today, let them shine again!

Cleaning your Jewelry in Ultrasonic Cleaner

Why Do you Need To Clean Your Jewelry?

Jewelry is an important part of any wardrobe. Whether you’re wearing an heirloom piece or a new statement piece, it’s important to keep your jewelry looking its best.

When jewelry is exposed to dirt, oils, and other elements in the atmosphere, it can become dull and start to lose its luster. This is especially true for silver jewelry, which is prone to tarnishing. Regularly cleaning your jewelry helps to remove any dirt and oils that may have built up on it, restoring its shine and can help keep it looking its best for years to come.

Why Should You Use Ultrasonic Cleaner for Jewelry?

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are one of the machines known to produce the most effective cleaning methods for jewelry and other range of applications. Also, ultrasonic cleaning is a fast method of cleaning intricate parts or hard substrates. If you are wondering why cleaning jewelry with ultrasonic is the best way to go, here are the reasons:

▷ It cleans inaccessible areas of the jewelry – There is jewelry that has areas that are not easily accessible. This means the areas can be hard to clean when using a manual cleaner or hand washing. But jewelry cleaners such as the ultrasonic cleaning machines are very effective in reaching and cleaning inaccessible and hard-to-reach areas. The ultrasonic energy produces microscopic bubbles that can penetrate hinges, hollows, and the most delicate and smallest part of your jewelry. This makes it possible for the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to remove stains, contaminants, dirt, and tarnish from wherever they are on your jewelry. The cleaning is not limited to the surface and accessible areas.

▷ Ultrasonic cleaner offer a gentle cleaning action – Cleaning jewelry with ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines does not involve scrubbing that can damage your valuables. The machine clean jewelries without leaving a scratch on them. This means you stand a better chance of maintaining the quality and beauty of your item for a longer time. Additionally, they might not require the use of detergent that might contain harsh chemicals which can be harmful to your valuables. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are used with water. However, if soap is required, some safe cleaning liquid detergents can be used and won’t affect the quality of your jewelry.

▷ It cleans multiple pieces of jewelry thoroughly and quickly – How much jewelry can you clean at a time using hand wash? I guess not more than one because hand washing more than an item at a time cannot give efficient cleaning. But with a jewelry ultrasonic cleaner, you can clean more than two jewelries at a time and still get a more effective and efficient cleaning.

▷ They are environmentally friendly and save costs – Unlike other methods of washing that can cause noise pollution in your home or environment, the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machine does not make noise. It operates silently while ensuring your pieces of jewelry are thoroughly washed and clean. Also, cleaning jewelry with ultrasonic can save costs because they do not require much energy and water to operate. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners offer a much greener solution to your jewelry cleaning process compared to all other cleaning methods.

▷ They do not require multiple washes – In other cleaning jewelry methods, you might need to wash your valuables more than once to ensure a thorough and perfect cleaning. But as for the ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, they produce a thorough wash and cleaning about 99.9% for the first time. Additionally, their ability to remove bacterial makes the jewelry cleaner machines one of the best ways and tools to give your jewelry a perfect wash.

All Jewelry is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning?

Even though the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is the best machine that can be used to clean jewelry, there are some ornamentals you should avoid using them to clean as they may cause some damages.

What jewelry should not be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner?

◆ Gold – Gold is one of the most popular metals used in jewelry, and it responds well to ultrasonic cleaning. Gold jewelry can be cleaned without damaging its delicate surface.

◆ Silver – Silver jewelry can be safely cleaned, as long as it is not plated with a different metal.

◆ Diamonds – Mainly refers to ordinary white diamonds, yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, etc. When cleaning micro-set and borderless diamond jewelry, the diamonds can be removed and then cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. Ordinary prongs and bezels can be cleaned directly with an ultrasonic cleaner.

◆ Costume jewelry – Costume jewelry is typically made of plastic, glass, and other non-precious metals. Ultrasonic cleaning is an effective way to clean costume jewelry without risking damage.


Before cleaning jewelry with the machine, you should always check to ensure your item is safe if you use the machine to clean it.

Now that you know what jewelry not to clean in the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machines and the ones that are safe to clean, let’s dive into the best step-by-step process of cleaning jewelry.

Best Steps to cleaning jewelry with ultrasonic cleaner

There are different models of ultrasonic cleaners with each having its unique functions and features. But most of them operate the same way and does the same job. Regardless of whether you are using a commercial ultrasonic cleaner or a household ultrasonic cleaning machine, the steps below will work for you.

Step 1- Prepare to Clean

▶ Take your ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and probably clean them up.
▶ Add the appropriate amount of water to the machine, and then add the applicable ultrasonic jewelry cleaning solution.


If your applicable ultrasonic cleaner does not have a heating function, you can pour hot water, the cleaning effect will be better.

Step 2- Put Your Jewelry in the Ultrasonic Cleaner

Place the jewelry in the washing basket provided with the machine before placing the washing basket in the machine, making sure the jewelry does not touch the sides or bottom of the machine.

Step 3 - Set the Desired Temperature and Turn on the Timer

Now that the jewelry to be cleaned has been added, allow the solution to heat up to ensure the best cleaning results. The temperature and run-time you need will depend on how dirty your items are. Generally, it takes about 3-5 minutes to clean dirty jewelry, but you can leave it in longer or do a second wash if you think they are still dirty or need more sparkle. Remember that you need the water to be hot and not boiling, the ideal temperature for cleaning jewelry is 40-60°C.

Step 4 - Turn Off the Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

When run time is reached, turn off the machine.

Step 5 - Remove Jewelry, Rinse Clean

▶ Remove the cleaned jewelry from the solution. Use a soft polishing cloth or brush to polish jewelry. This is to ensure that the jewelry is thoroughly cleaned and removes any residual dirt left on the jewelry.
▶ After you've done this, rinse the jewelry under the running tap to remove brush-on dirt and any cleaning agents that may have been left on the item.

Step 6 - Store Your Jewelry

Dry jewelry with a soft dry cloth. Make sure the item is dry before putting the jewelry in the box.


You can repeat these steps if you are not satisfied with the results of the first cleaning process. Just make sure to replace the previously used solution and use clean new water and solution.

How Frequently should you Clean Jewelry with an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

You can use the ultrasonic cleaner to clean your pieces of jewelry as many times as possible as long as it is safe for cleaning. Generally, cleaning your items with ultrasonic jewelry cleaner should be done once in one or two weeks. But the frequency depends on how often and quickly your jewelry gets dirty.

Also, how frequently you clean jewelry with ultrasonic machines is determined by how often you wear it and where you store them. If you are someone that uses jewelry every day, an individual that sweats a lot, or someone that works or goes to where contaminants can quickly come in contact with your jewelry you might need to clean the jewelry more often.

How to Select the Right Ultrasonic Cleaner for your Jewelry?

So you have decided that you must buy an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine, and you just can’t let your gems tarnish away, However, selecting the right ultrasonic cleaner for your jewelry can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Tank Size of Machine

The tank is that area where you will place all your jewelry and where all the action is going to take place. Hence, its size matters a lot. You need to ask yourself if you own quite a bit of jewelry or a few pieces. Do you wear them often or just on special occasions? If you do own a lot of jewelry and if you also wear them quite often, then look for a big tank. This will help you clean a lot of jewelry at once. It will prove to be more energy-efficient and time-saving as well. If you only have a few pieces of jewelry, a smaller tank may be the better option.

Timer and Function Modes

Different ultrasonic cleaners have different settings and function modes. What you need to be aware of is if there are multiple different settings available. For example, adjustable cleaning cycle, temperature setting, degassing function, timer, UV sterilization, and other functions, these functions can be adjusted according to the type of items to be cleaned, making the cleaning process more efficient and time-saving.


Many jewelry ultrasonic cleaner have a fragile exterior, often made up of plastic. The lid could break easily, or the display could become useless if handled roughly. More importantly, your machine should be able to perform well and not malfunction, so always look for warranties. If the product has a money-back guarantee, then that’s a huge bonus.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Cleaning your jewelry with an ultrasonic cleaner should not be too hard. You might as well pay your jeweler for cleaning otherwise! Always look for user-friendly controls in the machine. Preset modes help with this. Furthermore, check if the machine shuts off automatically (which is great) or does it need to be shut manually.

Also, see if the machine requires some special maintenance to operate. Do you need to clean the tank often? If so, is it detachable and easy to clean? Is the lid removable? An easy to use machine will require minimum maintenance and will have a few buttons and simple steps to work efficiently.


Different machines can range in price, so you want to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Look for a machine that is within your budget and offers the features you need.

By taking the time to consider these factors, you can make sure you find the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for your needs.

Final Words and Advice

Cleaning jewelry with ultrasonic cleaner provides an effective and safe way to keep your jewelry sparkling and looking like new. They are easy to use, affordable, and provide an unbeatable deep cleaning that traditional methods cannot match. Following the best step-by-step guide for using an ultrasonic cleaning machine will ensure that you easily clean your jewelry at home without the help of a professional. Owning an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner will help save you money as regular service from a professional can be costly.

Andy Samuel

An expert in ultrasonic cleaning, focusing on the field of ultrasonic research for more than 10 years, has unique insights into ultrasonic cleaning.

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